Vision Statement

Our Vision is to empower and enable Children with special needs to develop to their maximum potential in their home and community.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide children (0-3) with disabilities and their families a “Whole Family Approach Program” and to help children transition into their next step of their lives.


Trust, Honesty, Commitment, Accountability and Integrity.


baby in walker with colorful toy

Niños Del Cielo, Inc., Is a Home Based Early Intervention Childhood Program that was created in 2002 to provide children with disabilities, from birth to three years of age, and their families a “Whole Family Approach” program. Our mission is to provide support to both the child and the family with community resources, providing support to the whole family during the IFSP and IEP meetings, and helping transition the child to preschool and school district programs and to foster learning in the most natural environment.


A Home Based Early Intervention Childhood Program is part of a statewide system of services for families of children, from birth to age three, with disabilities or delays in their development in the State of California. The program is provided in the child’s natural environment as determined by the parent/caregiver. Our Home Based Infant Development Specialist will come to the child’s home, his/her day care setting, or an extended family member’s home. Our program provides a play-based learning/building blocks therapy to help stimulate six important areas of a child’s development using The HELP (The Hawaii Early Learning Profile).

1. Cognitive/Problem Solving
2. Language and Communication
3. Fine-Motor
4. Gross-Motor
5. Self-Care
6. Social Play